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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  July 11, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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6th grader. >> i miss seeing my friends and wondering what they thought. it really just sucked. >> reporter: in virginia, dave ross, fox 5 sports. >> dave, thank you. we have plenty ahead. your weather, traffic and all your top stories. fox 5 morning news continues right now. this is fox 5 morning news. >> good morning, everyone. straight up 5:00 monday, july 11, 2011. a live look over the woodrow wilson bridge, we will get a check of traffic in a bit with julie. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm tony perkins in for steve chenevey. welcome to fox 5 morning news. >> warm to start the day. >> muggy. >> it's the summer. we expect it. >> nice weekend. >> nice weekend. >> humidity wasn't bad. >> is that what it will feel like later this week. >> later this week, wednesday, thursday and friday will be beautiful but we have to get there first. today and tomorrow back in the
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summertime with a lot of heat and humidity around here. >> the heat will be pushing 100 later this afternoon. let's get a look at the radar. nothing right now. we are generally quiet off to the north and west, clear skies here. the yellow and red is a cold front to chicago. that will get in late in the day tomorrow. the area of high pressure that kept us high and dry this weekend will be pushing offshore and the winds shifted to the south. southerly winds are generally more humidity. we will be more humid this afternoon. let's do temperatures 77 at reagan national. humidity 66%. again, the combination will not be a great one. more humidity than yesterday with highs pushing into the mid- 90s. so, i think it will be uncomfortable for most of us later this afternoon. hazy, hot and humid. make sure the air conditioner is working because the heat index will be pushing 100. 94 the daytime high with plenty
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of sunshine. could be an isolated late day storm west of the mountains. >> we will check with you in a bit. before we get to traffic, we want to get to this story new this morning. expect traffic delays on part of route 118 in germantown. police are on the scene of a deadly pedestrian accident that happened near aircraft drive. before 1:00 a.m. it appears a man was trying to cross route 118 when he was hit in the southbound lane. the vehicle remained on the scene. all right. we will go to jewelry wright and get more information on the morning's rush hour -- not rush hour yet but it's close. >> it kind of seems like that because not only do we have the deadly accident on 118 as sarah mentioned, closed between crystal rock and aircraft, there is a portion of 270 northbound that is tied up at the scene of a crash. northbound where the lanes combine and before montrose traffic was squeezing by on the northbound side of the highway. this is a live camera shot at
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270 at 118. 270 is open for business as you travel out of hayats down and germantown. this is a portion of 270. you can see they have it blocked off at 118. coming off 270, police are blocking off the roadway. it remains closed off between aircraft and crystal rock due to further notice due to this investigation. lanes are open inbound 66. no problems reported fair oaks to the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >> julie, thank you very much. the future of the american economy tops the news this monday morning as president obama is set to update the public on negotiations over raising the debt ceiling. >> there was apparently not much progress made at a rare weekend meeting at the white house for top lawmakers. we get the latest from stacey cohan live from the white house with more on this. good morning, stacey. >> good morning. president obama will be holding a news conference here this morning. that happens at 11:00 a.m.
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this follows the rare weekend meeting which failed to produce a deal -- failed to produce an agreement on deficit reduction. the president is backing a massive four trillion dollar deal to reduce the deputy. that would include dramatic spending cuts as well as tax increases. republicans have no taste for tax hikes and they are backing a smaller package of $2 trillion. >> we have 9.2% unemployment. their prescription is to raise taxes? i mean, my goodness. the president didn't think that was a good idea in december. why do they think it's a good idea now. >> the president is committed to solving this deficit problem for the future of america. >> reporter: the president and eight congressional leaders will be meeting at the white house every day until a deal is made. the deadline for increasing that debt ceiling is august 2nd. reporting live, i'm stacey cohan, back to you.
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>> thank you. new details expected about the suspect in the murder of a bladensburg business owner. the crime happened back in april. that is when richard nam was found unconscious inside his convenience store. police will announce more about the arrest later today. a man was shot in district heights in the 1900 block of rochelle avenue. police found 26-year old dwight hikes with a gunshot wound. he was later pronounced dead at a local hospital. anyone with information is asked to call police. three small planes and three separate incidents had to be intercepted by fighter jets. each plane flew too close to the presidential retreat at camp david. the first at noon saturday. another later that night. the third late sunday morning. in every case, the small planes landed without incident. president obama spent the
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weekend at camp david. it is the final flight of the space shuttle program. "atlantis" docked at the international space station yesterday. the four member crew is delivering four tons of supplies to the station. this is the final mission for nasa's shuttle program. when it's over, it will join the other shuttles in retirement. the united states sends a strong message to pakistan. coming up next, the latest move in the tension between the two countries. a cruise ship tragedy. dozens of people are missing after the ship sank. 
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making headlines, a small plane crash killed all seven on board in alabama. the faa says the pilot of a cessna tried landing at an airport in alabama after it lost its right engine. it crashed in a wooded area. the victims are said to be a mother, father and five children. the plane was heading from st. louis to florida.
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and we continue to follow developments in a munitions dump explosion in the mediterranean overnight. a huge explosion tore through a naval base in southern cypress causing widespread damage. around 10 people are feared dead. the blast sparked a fire to much of the area. we continue to follow a deadly train derailment in eastern india. the death toll is up to 67. workers are using blow torches to cut through the train cars. the train jumped the tracks after the driver slammed on the brakes whether he reportedly saw cattle sitting on the tracks. in russia, hope is fading for nearly 100 people missing after a cruise ship sank yesterday. many of those missing are children. nine are confirmed dead. 80 were rescued. the search continues for the others. it's not clear how many were on the ship.
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it was not supposed to carry more than 120 but it had more than 185 aboard. inside of worsening relations with pakistan. the united states is with holding $800 million in aid to the army. it comes after pakistan expelled american military trainers. tensions between pakistan and the u.s. have steadily deteriorated since the killing of osama bin laden in early may. rupert murdoch is in london for damage control in the phone hacking scandal. the news corp. scandal chairman could be seen reading the paper. journalists are accused of hacking into voicemail accounts of murder victims and families of dead soldiers and celebrities. news corp. is the parent company of fox 5. some encouraging news on the real estate front. home prices are down nationwide but things are looking up in
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good morning. where is my voice? there is a live look at the washington monument. hazy out there. tucker will tell us about all of that. witnesses say a lightning strike made a tree explode in georgia. first the lightning bolt split the tree in half then it appears the bark flew off the tree. >> one man says the wood chips flew 200 feet. luckily no one was hurt during any of this. >> i heard of that before. >> i know. >> that tree is really
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splintered. >> i had a big tree come down in my yard yesterday evening just all of a sudden. no wind, no storm or anything. just split and fell. >> really? >> yeah. >> had enough. >> >> couldn't deal with the heat any more. >> probably not. a lot of people can't. >> it's been hot. >> hot one today. let me emphasize yesterday, saturday was on the warm side with the sunshine. you will notice that humidity back in the forecast today. so, it will be a sweating one later today and tomorrow before cooler weather at the end of the week. this year unlike last year, the heat is not sticking around, no pun intended. we are getting a few breaks. remember last year week after week. >> it was brutal. >> let's get a look at the numbers. yesterday's daytime high in the low 40s. 42 reagan, dulles the 90-degree
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mark. i show you these numbers because we will be warmer today. 94, 95 at reagan national and low to mid-90s for the rest of us. another hot one. the humidity on the increase. winds shifted out of the south and the humidity will be noticeably higher than it has been the last couple of mornings. 76 at reagan national. we cooled down to 76. 76 in annapolis. 7 olen ford town. 7 -- 70 in leonardtown. gaithersburg 72. satellite and radar i don't have a lot to show you. much like yesterday, bright sunshine across the area. a few clouds spill in later today. but most of that cloud cover will just be cumulus clouds. we won't see chances of rain around here. any significant chances of rain later this afternoon. our next good chance of rain gets in here later in the day
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and tomorrow night. things will cool things down wednesday. ahead of that, high pressure off the coast and winds out of the south, we will have plenty of steam and heat around here the next couple of days. get ready for a hot one. code orange air quality today. noticeably more humidity than yesterday. winds out of the south about five miles per hour. the computers are indicating a weak area of disturbed weather moving through and that could kick off a severe thunderstorm. 76. better chance of thunderstorm activity tomorrow with afternoon storms. before we get there, 97 degrees. no thanks. 84 wednesday. less humidity thursday and friday. highs in the mid-80s. that's a look at weather. julie is in with the monday morning commute. >> we are talking about an accident involving a pedestrian which occurred overnight. it remains under investigation. as a result, you will find a portion of 118 still blocked
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off in each direction. again, that is coming from the northbound side of 270. it will be to the west. 118 south or west if you will near the bp gas station near the chick-fil-a. again, you will find a portion of the roadway blocked as you travel off 270. the roadway is blocked with police. you can go no further than that bp station at this time. 355, lanes are open at middle brock road. traveling inbound new york avenue, no problems to report traveling inbound heading to the third street tunnel. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. maryland senator benjamin carlton is meeting with wounded soldiers today. he will take a cor of the fisher house and national intrepid center. finally there is good news
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about the economy. at least for the d.c. region. a new report says our housing market may be the best in the country. fox 5's roz plater went out to test the theory and why we are hearing phrases like bidding war, multiple offers and low inventory. >> reporter: these are apparently the signs of the real estate times. word is things are looking up at least in the d.c. region. susan sold her capitol hill row home at full asking price. the same story for another home just down the block. >> i think it's had its open house on saturday but it sold before the open house on tuesday. so, it's a great place for sellers around here right now. >> reporter: according to a new report from clear capital, expect the d.c. region to end the year as the nation's best housing market. home prices are going down nationwide, the group predicts home prices here will rise almost 3%. homeowners could recoup nearly
5:21 am
a third of the value they lost. >> i hope we can get you into a bidding war and get buyers into a bidding war. i think it's possible. >> reporter: it's why thurston bow is taking the plunge. he is moving to seattle and was debating whether to rent or sell his capitol hill condo. >> i lived her about four years and i've seen the good and the bad times and it's definitely -- i think it's a good time. i have seen properties the last couple of months where i have seen for sale signs and i have seen sold within a couple of weeks. >> reporter: experts chalk it up to fewer jobs lost her because of the federal government and buyers report feeling better about spending again. >> you see a light at the end of the tunnel with the economy. we see something. we know that it's going to get better. >> reporter: the new mortgage is where she hit an unexpected snag. >> we have what is considered
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good credit. my husband has a good job. we are what is considered good candidates and it has been a run around. >> reporter: i'm roz plater, fox 5 news. >> still difficult for people. an eerie sight and sound over parts of our area. that's up next on fox 5 morning news. these sweet honey clustery things have fiber? fiber one. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals. uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? uh, try the number one! i've never heard of that. [ wife ] it's great. it's a sweet honey cereal, you'll love it. yeah, this is pretty good. are you guys alright? yeah. [ male announcer ] half a days worth of fiber.
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more grains. less you! multigrain cheerios. >> welcome back. live look at the tower cam this morning. a little haze out there. we will check in with tucker in a little bit for the weather. if you happen to be driving on the interstate 95 corridor in maryland, you might have seen a plane flying close to the ground. it's part of a nasa experiment. >> the goal, improving the air we breath. fox 5's karen gray houston takes a closer look. >> reporter: the eerie sound on the howard university beltsville campus. >> it's going in that direction. there it is on top of us. >> reporter: like a bird,
5:26 am
nasa's four engine turboprop cruised overhead. it flew over this monitoring station and five others along i- 95. its job? to measure air quality. >> a lot of small particles suspended in the atmosphere. most of them from pollution. some will have an impact on the air quality. >> reporter: scientists and students from east coast schools tracked the planes flight path. they collaborated with nasa on detecting levels of ozone and pollutants in the atmosphere. >> area able to monitor the atmosphere, launch balloons that provide us information on profiles of relative humidity, of temperature, of ozone. >> reporter: the p 3 b flew at altitudes as low as 1,000 feet. on the ground, students prepared instruments that would take measurements. it would be attached to a
5:27 am
balloon sent up before the plane arrives to get an ozone sampling. the average person may be wondering what is the purpose of this measuring wind speeds, temperature, humidity, ozone levels. there is a point. >> when we inhale ozone, that's not good for our lungs. >> sunday's ozone levels were above 78 parts per billion. nasa is hoping the multiyear study will help improve the ability of satellites to detect pollution near the ground to better predict and control it. in beltsville, karen gray houston, fox 5 news. >> all right. coming up, the health party with bad intentions. why some partygoers took out their anger on a house to the tune of $30,000 worth of damage. take the finish challenge.
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yuck. no animal by-products. it means when you put my chicken on the table, you know where it came from. welcome back. monday, july 11th. you can see the skies starting to lighten up. it will be thick out there this morning. not this morning as much as
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later on today, tucker. >> you got it. hazy, hot and humid expected to return today. by ho mid4 90s. >> mid -- mid-90s. this heat wave lasts until tuesday. oklahoma city was 110. it could be worse. let's get a look at satellite and radar. we are quiet at the moment. i think it will be quiet most of the day. there will be a few clouds passing through like yesterday. generally nice conditions expected with winds out of the south. noticeably more humidity. the area of high pressure parked over us has moved offshore. now we are getting the winds out of the south. temperature at reagan national, 76 degrees. 73 dulles and bwi marshall. highs in the 90s.
5:32 am
lots of sunshine. hot and humid. i fix the map and it's still -- >> what is wrong. >> it says isolated lated storms. i fixed it twice. >> don't you hate that. >> this map will be ejected. >> i don't think anybody would have noticed. >> yeah, they would have noticed. >> thanks, tony. 94. don't look at my map. >> they just look at the 94. >> i will try again to fix that map. >> thanks for pointing that out. >> he is not happy. we will get to julie in a moment. first, new this morning, police are trying to piece together a deadly pedestrian accident in germantown on route 118 near aircraft drive. it appears a man was trying to cross the road when he was hit in the southbound lanes. the striking vehicle remained on the scene. due to this investigation, authorities closed down route 118 between aircraft and crystal rock drive. let's see what the latest
5:33 am
is on traffic with that situation and others. it's been busy. >> absolutely. we are talking about this 270- 118 exit. as you come off 270 and 118, it's blocked off here. you can see they have the crews out here telling you you are denied access between crystal rock. this is west of 270 at the bp. you will find the closures in place. eastbound you should find that the lanes are open. middlebrook is an option. traveling through 55 can save you time. the portion of 118 is closed between 118 and crystal rock. lanes are open northeast to northwest. authorities are checking for a crash in southeast. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. all right. turning to the economy now, more talks on raising the debt ceiling. the president sat down with top republicans and democrats at
5:34 am
the white house. they are divided on reaching a deal on the debt. and he is scheduled to give another news conference later on this morning. let me get more from stacey cohan live at the white house with more on this. >> good morning. busy weekend it was here at the white house. president obama has the news conference scheduled for 11:00 this morning after a week of meetings failed to produce a deal on the debt ceiling. president obama is reportedly pushing for a major package which includes massive spending cuts and tax increases. the rare sunday night meeting that they had last night is a demonstration of how vital this economic task is, getting democrats and republicans to agree upon a way to resolve trillions in differences to slash the deficit and to increase the nation's borrowing limit. >> evening they have told me and the speaker is that to get a big package would require big
5:35 am
tax increases in the middle of the economic situation that is t with 4.2% unemployment. it's a terrible idea. a job killer. >> we need something big, substantial to bring the deficit down over time. we have to give more support to the economy healing from the great recession. >> reporter: now, the major sticking point seems to be the tax increases. republicans are refusing to quaff in and are pushing for a -- cave in and are pushing for a smaller amount. august 2 is the date they have to come to some sort of an agreement whether or not to raise the debt ceiling. stacey cohan, back to you. we are following breaking news from iraq today. rockets hit the green zone there. the attack comes as new secretary of defense leon panetta is visiting the area.
5:36 am
fortunately no one was hurt during this. secretary panetta arrived in iraq following an unannounced visit to afghanistan. he visited the 115th combat hospital before addressing troops at camp guire. police in district heights maryland are looking for the suspect that shot and killed a man over the weekend. it happened in the 1900 block of rochelle avenue. that's where police found dwight hicks. he was taken to a hospital but later died. later today we should learn the name of the suspect arrested in connection with the homicide of a bladensburg business owner. richard nam was killed in april. he was found unconscious inside his burning convenient store. police plan to announce more driver in prince george county but have not released the names of the driver or the victim. no shortage of drama in skies over camp david. three small planes had to be
5:37 am
intercepted by fighter jets for flying too close to camp david over the weekend. one happened around noon on saturday. another later that night. and the third late sunday morning. in every case, the planes were out of radio communication and pilots landed without incident. it's the final mission for nasa's 30 year shuttle program. the crew of "atlantis" got their wake-up call this morning. they had to do a back flip maneuver so crew members could investigate the condition of the ship's under belly. >> there was no emotional impediment to good performance today but i think it's fair to say that the finality of our executing this particular series of operations was felt. >> the four member crew is delivering a year's worth of food and supplies.
5:38 am
when the last mission is over, "atlantis" will join "endeavour" and "discovery" in retirement. a whirlwind weekend for the duke and dutchess of cambridge. >> the royal couple in california. we will have details of the royal visit when we return. 
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rebels in libya are moving closer to tripoli. the regime of moammar gadhafi is trying to show that it's in control of the western mountains. rebels have taken some towns and moved within 35 miles of the capital. u.s. department says maryland cannot stay in power. pacman jones is in trouble with the law. jones is charged with disorderly conduct while intoxicated and resisting arrest after being asked to leave a bar in cincinnati saturday night. he denies the allegations claiming that he couldn't resist arrest because of an injury last season. he has been arrested six times during his career. the duke and dutchess of cambridge capped off their 11 day overseas visit with a trip to california. on saturday prince william seemed in his element at a charity polo tournament. later that night, the couple were guests of honor at a star- studded black tie event to
5:42 am
promote british filmmaking. sunday they spent time at a nonprofit in a notorious skid row neighborhood. >> i love art and i like the duke and dutchess, too. >> princess kate was really tall, elegant, not like everyone else. she was like one of a kind. >> the last stop, prince william called the most important, a charity that aims to help veterans find jobs. this marks catherine's first trip to the united states. alcohol, drugs and appetite for destruction. coming up next, a mean spirited house party with a hefty price tag. 
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here is a live look outside as the sun comes up. hazy this morning. it's going to be hazier later
5:46 am
today. more about that in a moment. and they are off. ten people were hurt during day 4 of the running of the bulls in spain. many fell and were trampled. >> today's run fairs better for runners. one person was injured. two people were hospitalized from earlier runs. >> oh. i'm sorry. >> it's traumatizing, i know. the festival dates back to the 13th century. >> i'm glad i missed that part. >> the bulls were running over him. >> it's odd when you say today was better. one person was injured. >> it's gone on forever. i don't get it. >> people watch. >> do you find yourself rooting for the bulls.
5:47 am
>> you put yourself out there. >> it's the end game for them. they end up at the arena where they -- >> oh, i see. i got you. >> they can have fun on the way there. >> i don't know about that. >> are you weather-wise today. >> thank you. he yes, i am. >> you think? all right. we will see. >> hazy, hot and humid. we are off to a good start on this monday morning. let's start with the temperatures. yeah, it's warm out there. 76 at reagan national. 76 at the moment in annapolis. cambridge, 68 degrees. 60s are breaking out. salisbury 68. 73 in baltimore. gaithersburg 73. south quantico 74. in leonard town, 70 degrees temperatures in the mid-90s, head index close to 90. it will be on the hot side.
5:48 am
if you are watching outdoors, lots of water and flew fluids. high pressure overhead is slipping off to the south. that will pump in the humidity the next couple of days before we can get relief. to the north and west we have a cold front. this is a good strong cold front that will bring us a decent chance of thunderstorms tomorrow night. cooler and drier air for the end of the week. this heat wave the next couple of days will be of short duration. it will get plenty hot around here with highs as mentioned expected to be well into the 90s today. futurecast trying to kick up one or two late day thunderstorms off to the north and west. there we are at 7:00. it's not out of the realm of possibilities. you may see a late shower, isolated thunderstorm well to the north and west of the city. in the 95 corridor we will be
5:49 am
dry. things will change tomorrow as the cold front approaches from the west. 94 today. mostly sunny skies. hot and humid. winds out of the south about 5 miles per hour. later tonight, partly cloudy skies. i mentioned the possibility of a late day storm. best chance west. 76 the overnight low. warm muggy overnight. how about a 97 tomorrow with late day thunderstorms developing. maybe an isolated storm wednesday. best chance south of the city as the frontal system moves through. look at that, thursday and friday look great, sunshine and temperatures in the mid-80s. plenty of heat and a cool down by the end of the week. that's a look at traffic and julie wright has the latest. >> there has been a change. if you travel on 118, earlier this morning we mentioned the roadway was shut down in each direction between aircraft and crystal. there is a change. the eastbound or northbound side of 118 has been reopened. we have traffic able to get by. the westbound side remains
5:50 am
closed as you travel west of 270. there is an ongoing investigation. all right. traveling south on 270, expect volume delays at 109. traffic is slowing briefly at 118. the pace is not bad but starting to slow leaving woodbridge across the ac quo tron. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. thank you, julie. there is a brand-new escalator at the foggy bottom station. the next generation escalator should relieve long lines as people walked up and down stopped escalators. work now moves to the second escalator. coal spilled all over the railway tracks in indianapolis after the second trail derailment in five days. nearly 30 cars derailed. the cleanup will take a while.
5:51 am
some roads will be closed until at least wednesday. police say heat is a possible cause. last week 16 cars of a csx fright train derailed. residents in the town of celebration in florida are giving new meaning to the town's name. they through a massive addiction party destroying -- eviction party destroying the home they were kicked out of. >> reporter: holes in the wall. the homeowner tells me this done by renters that once lived here. >> this is the door that was broken off. >> reporter: mary walks us through her ruined home. paint splattered on the walls. holes every corner you can turn. about $30,000 worth of damage. >> what do you think they did here. >> i think they took a sledgehammer. >> reporter: she said the family that once rented this six bedroom house in
5:52 am
celebration is to blame. they moved in in 2010, lived here for more than a year and didn't pay her a penny for rent. >> because they were told they had to move out. this was their home. i was evicting them for nonpayment of rent. >> reporter: the day before the family had to move out, the children, two teens, threw a big party while the parts were away. it included liquor, drugs and trashing the place. neighbors called police. several arrests were made. >> how mean. how could they do such a thing. i wouldn't do that to their house. how could they do that to my house. i wouldn't walk in here it was so bad. >> reporter: the house, now in foreclosure, mary helen out more than 50,000 bucks from the damages and retro rent. >> i have nothing. everything that i had is gone. >> reporter: mary helen says the damage to this home is already done. what she is hoping for is to get some of her money back. reporting from celebration, jennifer bisram, fox 35 news.
5:53 am
>> doesn't that make you mad? what are people thinking. move in and don't pay a dime. >> all right. the future looks bright for harper. uing a minor league all star game.  empty nest, new kitchen, new us? who are we? chic, modern, daring dinner-party hosts. that sounds dangerous, maybe we're more the tradiotional sunday brunch set? i'll expect slippers and a cocktail to be ready when i get home from work. point taken. how about... peaceful, quiet cottage in the country folk?
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we want to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. it's valerie williams. today is her birthday. she campaigned hard all weekend long to become a fan of the day for her special day. congratulations. happy birthday. drama for the u.s. women's soccer team. the nats go into the all star game on a high note. tony and tucker have the headlines. high, guys. >> yes, this is fun being in the control room with the rest of the crew this morning. sports, a lot of good stuff. it's being called one of the best soccer games to be played at the world cup. >> we are referring to the game between usa and brazil. this one went down to the wire. let's get started. we pick it up in the 122nd minute. there you saw it. that ties it for the americans to force penalty kicks to decide the winner. here it goes.
5:57 am
4-3 u.s. great save. u.s. goes on to win the extra round 5-3. yes, on the brink of elimination, u.s. defeats brazil. they will play against france wednesday. jordan zimmerman and the nats looking to end a three- game skid heading into the all star break. roger bernardino provided the game winning hit in the sixth. nats win 2-0 and head to the all star break with a 46-46 record. >> all right. the futures game features the best players from the minor leagues. bryce harper, team usa against the world. there you go. not much happening there. harper grounds out to the right side. 0-4 with two strikeouts but the u.s. beat the world 6-4. it
5:58 am
will get better for him. t
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